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Consistent Quality, Service Excellence and On-Time Delivery.

Our reputation for excellence in high precision engineering and machining makes us a sought-after partner in a very niche market where the customer displays a need for a specific part or small quantity of unique parts, typically not available in the open market.

HOW THE NAME ORIGINATED? – Airwave is an intentional combination of the words “Air”, for Aerospace and, “Wave” for Marine.

Why this seemingly unrelated combo one might ask? This combination is the result of the similarity of the unique raw material and special requirements of both the Aerospace- and Marine engineering industries. Both require parts made of materials that are lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, has thermal stability, able to withstand extreme conditions, and of high precision and quality. We, through our special skills and years of experience, positioned ourselves to cater for these specific and unique requirements in a market where few are prepared to work with challenging raw materials, low quantities, and tight tolerances.

The above does not imply any scope restrictions and we also manufacture any other unique and custom parts, on request.he name


Our handpicked CNC machine operators are highly skilled, passionate, meticulous, quality focused and love the challenges often already declined by competitors.  With 26 years plus experience, a “can do” attitude, they go where others fear to tread.

OUR VISION: To be the preferred Local and International Supplier of Precision Machined and Manufactured parts.

OUR MISSION: We will achieve our Vision by applying the following –

  • Customer Service: We are committed to consistently provide exceptional quality products and services to exceed the requirements of our Local and International customers.
  • Quality and Productivity: We continuously hone the skills of our production team and instill a culture of “passion for precision”. We produce products to be consistently of excellent quality, meeting and ensuring customer specification, requirements, and satisfaction, with particular attention to detail.
  • Communication and People Development: We are committed to promoting good human relations and creating and maintaining an environment conducive to creative and innovative behavior.
  • Participation and Empowerment: We are committed to creating opportunities for all staff to grow to their full potential, to experience involvement and a sense of ownership, and a freedom in decision-making, and that learning from mistakes is a crucial part of continual quality improvement methodology.
  • Safety, Health and Housekeeping: We maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness, safety, and health in the workplace environment.
  • Community Responsibility: We are committed to uplifting our community through job creation and employee development. In addition to our business ethics, we also have a patriotic motive behind this venture, which we see as a method of reaffirming the country’s global standing in the precision machining and engineering fields.


We are very proud to present our team of highly skilled, CNC Operators/Setters, Quality Controllers, Finishers, Designers and Programmers, CRM and Support Staff.

What you see here is a hand-picked team with some having over 20 years’ service by us. We acknowledge ongoing training and developing of our staff as crucial to our company- and team’s wellbeing and growth, as well as to stay in touch with market developments and customer needs.

With a “can-do” and ongoing quality improvement attitude and knowing you can count on the guy next to you, as well as “in-touch” and full management support, you end up with a team which creates and stimulates positive reputations and long-term relationships.

Our team is also your team!